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Software and Hardware for Determinig your Feeling of Health/Fitness
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My Body

The Challenge to Create "Knowing only MY BODY™"

        Medicine and Nutrition have taken the step to open up to you the opportunity to control your health and fitness, by using the power of the personal computer.

        Medical facilities in the West are breaking down at the very time the Western 'baby boom' are need them. Additionaly, with the breakdown of the former Soviet Union nearly 300 million people are facing poor or no medical care. This will strain Western facilities even further.

         If you are fortunate and gain entry to a facility, you will find the staff to a burdered. The care administered will be below what you and I expect.

         This is a frustration to all of us, because the world is geared for and expect us to be fit / healthy. When you lose your health, you lose control to the areas you currently dominate be it at home, work, leisure, etc.

       Feeling healthy, or feeling fit, is a personal thing. For the 1st time you can now document, or profile. that feeling in private.

        For years we've been going for medical care with no records, only our memory of events (a memory that usially was not functionins because we were ill). Now you can enter a medical facility with a track record of your health and a diary showing when your fitness began to fail.

        Our software and its interface withe the heart rate monitor was developed with a medical doctor. The effort was extensive. It took a team of professional 19 months to create.

People respect and follow those who are in control and who look healthy. You can meet these expectations and feel good doing it.
        Once loaded with your data, the programm becomes unique to you saving data as you enter it. Data entry is primarily by the mouse i.e. point and click. Even unskilled computer users find the system easy to load and use.

        All of us have experienced peculiar heart sensations that concern us. With our software you are able to record the occurrences when they happen. You may also wish to record your parameters after a very stressful event. It only takes 9 minutes to do so.

       Load the 2 disks in the usial way and plug the 9-pin serial plug for the heart rate monitor into the PC communication port into the PC communication port. The software is PC-Based Microsoft Windows.

       Using the mouse you start running the programm. The programm will request you load in via the keyboard paramaters of age, sex, weight, blood pressure, grip strength, and lung capacity (helpful tables in easy to read Insruction Manual will assist you).

You are now ready to take the Tests

       There is widespread belief that the most important of all health or fitness rating is our heart rate. Included within the package is a pulsometer that is directly linked to the software. Simply insert your finger into the adjustable Velcor™ cuff, relax, and your heart rate will be charted.

        However, it doesn't end there. The system is so sensitive and sophisticated it will monitor and record rate at which your heart recovers following one minute of simple exercise. You actually get to see your recovery as it happens. You are then given a rating of your fitness for your age, weight, height and other individual parameters.

        This test allows you to evaluate your emotional status, which we all know can change every day due to the conditions we live in. During the test you will be offered 30 pairs of opposite "feelings". By rating your preference the programme will produce the overall emotional status evaluation unique to your situation.

        This test allows you to evaluate yor mood. You will be shown 8 colour cards on the screen. Put them in order of preference. The test defines the following:
• Willingness to work
• Ability to overcome stressful situations


  My Body™
Software and Hardware for Determinig your Feeling of Health/Fitness.

  My Body™
You can adjust yyour workout programm to improve fitness of the heart, for you will have actual data and trends to compare results against.

Gathering data on your body is the best way to "get in tune" with it. Once in tune you have the knowledge to adjust diet, stressful events and habits that breakdown your level of fitness and damage your health.

Those of us who have accurate information are the most likely to us succeed in whatever we do. Acurate information puts you in control. It helps you dominate areas / activies important to you. It allows you to push youself a loss of health.

You will truly understand what the feeling of being health rating means to you. Using your health rating you can adjust your lifestyle / nutrion when you begin to feel "off-peak". Having the ability to quickly respond to your body needs will result in a continued state of health.


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