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Breath.ru - Introduction to Dr. Shishlov's Methods
Introduction to Dr. Shishlov's Methods

The key factor associated with the success of the methods I've used, is that specific attention is paid to the Overall causes of poor physical and psychological health in an individual, not just to the symptoms and possible cures of a specific health problem.

After 25 years of experience working with healthy individuals and patients in Russia, learning and analysing their systems of nutrition and life style, I have a clear understanding that the majority of causes of poor health, and associated poor performance, at work, at home, at leisure activities, are produced by "stress factors". These can be divided into two types - "internal stress" and "external stress".

"External stress" is psychological in character. Its influence on an individual's current state of health greatly depends on the psychological type the person is at this point in life and his/her predisposition to various diseases. It is well-known that people differ in psychological types. As a result they apprehend and interpret the events in the world around them differently. They also evaluate the state of their environment with individual subjectivity.

"Internal stress" is directly influenced by an individual's nutritional and dietary habits. My research illustrates that the nutritional and dietary habits of a man today are in direct conflict with those determined by nature. The natural nutritional system of our body is being forced to change by the incorporation of large amounts of animal proteins.

Background to the analyses

Research and study of the native population of Northern Russia show that if a nutritional regiment of an individual consists mainly of animal proteins (including fish) the average life expectancy of a male is reduced to approximately 45 years of age. The inclusion of large amounts of animal proteins in the diet produces a very high metabolic level in the body.

Of course there is a number of other factors that have to be taken into consideration, such as the very difficult living conditions in the North of Russia, hypothermia and lack of sunlight in winter which can cause physical and emotional tension. In this harsh environment, a body can be compared with an acid battery, it can be quickly charged but runs out of energy rapidly.

In temperate climates, where individuals have naturally conditioned their diets to be based on vegetable proteins, life expectancy is dramatically increased. In this environment it is possible to compare a body with an alkaline battery, one that slowly accumulates energy, but gives the energy away - slowly!! As a result the natural metabolism of the body becomes balanced. This helps to reduce the causes of premature ageing.

It is worth noting, that moderate animal protein consumption with vegetables can be considered relatively harmless to a body.

Historically some changes to our nutritional system can be connected with natural catastrophes, migrations etc. However, this type of change did not alter the genetic organisation of our body's metabolism.

The consequences of civilisation have completely changed the conditions in which we live. It has forced unnatural changes to our body metabolism. It has saturated us with pollutants.

It is possible to see these negative impacts in individuals. Individuals will have nervous system overtension resulting from diets which are in direct conflict with our natural nutritional needs. Likewise, the establishment of negative nutritional habits by an individual, results in very powerfully damaging influences on one's body. In most advanced countries, it is generally the habit of overfeeding with incompatible food products that contribute the most damage to an individual's digestive system.

This, together with other socially acceptable bad habits, leads to the development of unnatural taste requirements in an individual's diet. The difference between an individual's taste requirements and the body's natural nutritional requirements constantly grows apart.

The human mind is a very powerful tool. But its main weakness is that it allows habitual behaviour patterns to take over and suppress our genetic conditioning needs. Misinformed individuals allow these habitual patterns to take root and this in turn can lead the body into "Internal Stress".

The difference in social conditions and geographical locations can also play a significant part in our overall health.

These lifestyle factors have to be taken into consideration, if we are to configure the correct "performance programme" to be designed to individual needs, general health, geographic location etc.

Generally, the programme methods are orientated towards individuals who are in good general health but are under pressure, caused by overwork, bad diet, exercise, stress etc. However it is important that an individual understands that good health and lifestyle are integral parts of "success and performance" in all avenues of life.

To peak perform it is not good enough to just give up bad habits, it is necessary to spend time and effort to manage the body's healing process, and continuously support this new level of health. These efforts will be rewarded many times.

"Internal stress". The cause of many problems

What is "Internal stress"? This stress is the result of biochemical processes in our body.

To explain further, it is the destruction of the metabolic balance by regular and frequent intake of poor/abnormal nutrition. For example, lipid metabolism is damaged by vitamin deficiency, likewise an upset in the acid-alkali balance can result in damage calcium-magnesium, potassium-sodium and phosphorus-calcium balance. This will result in storing toxic substances. You then experience "internal stress".

There are certain food products that can cause an acid reaction in the body. Generally, these products fall into the group of animal proteins.

The interesting question remains. What causes people to eat large quantities of animal proteins? First of all consider this. We know animal proteins are assimilated in different ways depending on one's sex, age, metabolic type. Animal proteins definitely help a young person to develop a muscular body most effectively. At an elderly age, excessive eating of animal proteins becomes damaging because the protein nutrition speeds up the metabolism and that leads to rapid ageing.

Next, please remember that animal proteins alter our taste. They stimulate the requirement to have more - to produce a repetition of the taste sensation. This leads to "overtension" of the digestive system due to putrefaction of undigested food, and the associated production of toxins. The putrefied animal protein is carried through the digestive system causing toxification. This depresses all bodily functions and decreases the adaptation abilities of all bodily systems.

When this starts, an individual feels subconsciously ill. Why? Because, when the level of toxification is increased, and correspondingly the level of "internal stress" is high, the individual feels physically ill and psychologically "down". These feelings of being "down" are experienced first through the subconscious. The individual can feel an inexplicable anxiousness. For some individuals, of a certain psychological make-up, "internal stress" can provoke "external stress" in many ways. For example, an individual becomes anti-social and arrogant, causing stressful situations, conflicts occur at work and in the family. It is also possible to see the opposite of this effect, for example when the influence of "external stress" causes "internal stress".

This body-state known as intoxification, leads one's body to the edge of its adaptation abilities and in turn is a major cause of illness.

As "internal stress" is connected to acidification of a body it can be given a value, found by assessing the pH of your body. This pH value can be defined in every fluid of the body. This makes it possible to use, for analysis, the most suitable secretions of a body such as sweat or urine.

A pH value of approximately 7.30-7.40, is the genetically conditioned level of our body. This value is kept at this automatically determined level by our body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate. Any deviations from this conditioned level, in either direction, begins to result in a decrease of an individual's adaptation abilities.

A pH of 7.0 is neither Acidic or Alkaline. Any value over 7.0 is classified as being alkaline. Your blood must be alkaline for you to live.

The blood pH of healthy people is in the range of 7.30-7.40; Dr. Shishlov has determined the "Comfort Zone" to be 7.35-7.38, i.e. it's better to be a bit more alkaline than acidic. Why is this? The answer is simple.

1. All pollutants in our 2004 world increase acidification of the blood.

2. "External" and "Internal" stress results in acidification of the blood.

3. In the Western world there is a ready abundance of acidification foods.

To "fight" against these 3 forces it is best to be slightly more alkaline.

CAUTION: Our bodies work in a fine tuned way. If the blood pH becomes 7.00-7.10 or 7.60-7.70 death may occur.

Excessive "emergencies" can rapidly change pH value in the direction of alkalization by a dangerous degree.

In general, traditional medicine treats illness by trying to "tie the broken link", using drugs and surgery. When utilising these traditional techniques it is physically and emotionally strong individuals that recover fast. However, if a body is weak and any illness is prolonged, it is now normal practice to conduct a complex treatment, using many different drugs.

With regards to drugs, many of them (in helping an individual recover from any illness) can also depress the natural adaptation mechanism of a body. This can cause the undesirable effect of closing down the adaptation mechanisms of a body, an effect that some doctors call the "side effects" of a drug. This can cause additional "internal stress" and additional illness. In many cases it is difficult to find an example of absolute necessity to use drug treatment, except as a last resort. Most people feel this and intuitively try to avoid using drugs. Exceptions to this are found when it is, for example in the case of re-animation, impossible to cure by any other means.

Our methods do not include the use of any drugs to maintain your health or make pH adjustment.

To successfully overcome " internal stress", it is necessary not only to understand the way in which it is produced but also to be able to make a true evaluation of your individual health level. This evaluation must be made in connection with your individual body adaptation abilities.

One can use the measure of lipoprotein metabolism as the most complete analysis of internal stress. However this method of measuring is rather complex, long and requires regular visits to a laboratory. There does exist a variety of indirect methods.

We propose to measure and rate your level of health by testing and recording physical, FUNCTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL variables/parameters.

physical diagnostics allows the introduction and processing of the anthropological data about you: height, weight, lung volume, pulse frequency, arterial blood pressure, physical strength, reactions to dynamic loads.

functional diagnostics tests only those body systems which are the first to respond to internal and external stress.

Extensive theoretical analyses and experience with using functional diagnostics tests, show that the measurement of statistic characteristics of cardio-vascular and central nervous systems are quite sufficient. For measuring these characteristics simple, but accurate, devices attached to the computer are used.

psychological diagnostics are tests which determine the psychological "type" of the individual and his genetic predisposition to good health. This part measures your stable, inborn psychological features. The second part of the psychological diagnostics tests actually measure the level of internal and external stresses according to your feelings at the moment of measuring. Tests in this group are chosen in such a way that supplementing each other they help to prevent the wrong assessment. Your honest and accurate answers are very important.

The entire testing, with the use of a computer, takes no more than 15 minutes and doesn't need any special knowledge. We encourage you to test daily, or at least 5 times every week.

All data is stored. It becomes private and confidential to you. The testing results can be analysed by you to assess your health at that moment in time. You can then develop a personal programme of achieving health-improving goals.

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