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Power of organic food

Discussing here the food of organic origin we mean not only meat, but all the group of products, including both the tissues of vertebrates and invertebrate and milk. The enclosed table gives the idea about the using of this products, forming during centuries, for influence on sexual abilities of a person, in particular, on male potential. We would like to note, that milk is rarely mentioned as stimulator of sexual activity, excepting the Tibetan medicine and "Canon medicine" by the eastern doctor and philosopher Avicenna (Ali Abu Ibn Sinna), lived in 980-1037 BC. As it was noted above this product belongs to satavic, calming food, and nowadays scientists found out peptides in milk (substances, consisting in connected with each other amino acids), causing sleep. Nevertheless "Book of Tibetan medicine", published in Russia in 1908, says:" Milk gives the beginning to good color of face ... It promotes the sexual activity." It stresses that " cow's milk assists the lucidity of mind and generally vivifying". Considering the influence of organic food on a person, we can mark out two aspects: lasting influence, stipulating by existence of useful nutrients, and ability or disability of this or that product to cause at once after taking the burst of cheerfulness, energy, splash of emotions. The milk effect we probably had to attribute to lasting one. You know the well - known advice to take a glass of milk before sleeping in order to get asleep.

Table 2


Products of organic origin, which were

considered during centuries as means,

increasing potential.

Meat (protein, exstactive substances)

Testicles of young animals

Bird organs including chicken giblets

Bird eggs

Ambergris (wax-like substance, creating by digestive canal of cachalots)

Fish (sea - red mullet, tuna, sea brean, ray, ect.)

Grass -snakes (meat, eggs), lizards

Sea urchins (caviar)

Octopus, cuttlefishes

Oyster, mussels

Lobsters, squids, craubishes


The list of stimulant products, given in table 2, undoubtedly reflects both the real influence of products on a person and a number of superstitions. Scarcely the meat of grass - snakes and lizards in somewhat better than other kinds of meat, but the using such unusual food as itself could cause the emotional splash and waiting of something unusual. But we are trying to look at this list from the medical point of view.

In spite of principal differentiation between human beings and animals there are many substances in our body, that are many substances in our body, that are very similar to animal's ones. So, protein of animals is closer to person's proteins according to composition of amino acids than vegetable proteins, and that is why it is more available for body building. Exactly good assimilation for this purpose of organic protein made meat the favorite food of many people, wishing to be strong. In that sense, following Kipling, we really can say that animals and we - beings of one blood.

The role of meat in sexual activity doesn't come only to the problem of meat assimilation for development of physical strength. Meat influences on vitality, person's motivations and his (her) emotions.

The grounder of psycho-analysis Zigmund Freid said in his speech "We and Death", delivered in 1915, that we all were the posterity of endless train of generations of killers. One consider these world to be indignationing the others remember, that many generations of ancestors of modern person ate meat. And the third book of "The Old Testament" - "Leviticus" doesn't prohibit the meat consumption, limiting only the list of animals whose meat we must not eat.

Nature creates a person in such a way that after meat consumption, his (her) energetic metabolism is increased, also is increased a number of organism's functions including sexual drive. At one time this peculiarity could do a good turn for our ancestors. Nature very reasonably regulates the reproduction of animals: if there is plenty of food, the reproduction increases, and when there is the lack of food - decreases.

The ability of meat to stimulate the sexual drive was one of the reasons of vegetarian's refuse from meat food. Lev Tolstoy considered that people ate meat to "bring up the brutal feelings, cultivate lust, lechery and hard drinking". He persisted in that "virtue was not compatible with beefsteak". Nevertheless it was written in venerable age, and before that Lev Tolstoy didn't refuse from meat. We would like to note, that adduced above thoughts of Tolstoy was written by him in his book "First stage", which was originally the introduction to Russian translation of the book by Howard W. Williams "The Ethics of Diet" (Moscow, 1893).

The ability of meat to influence on person's sexual performance lies not only in supplying of essential amino acids, which are necessary for spermatozoon creation and for synthesis of a number of neuro-transmitters, regulating person's behavior. There are a lot of extractive substances in meat, stimulating a person. They are named extractive because during boiling they go from meat to broth, i.t. are extracted. During stewing and frying of meat these substances stay in it, and during boiling, as it is clear from information above, they find themselves in broth. That is why the stimulating influence of fryed or stewed meat on different systems of organism is higher that the influence of carefully boiled down meat. Among extractive substances the scientists' attention is drown by carnitine. This substance helps to struggle with tiredness, increases the work capacity of a person. Carnitine is produced in person's organism, but not every time in sufficient amount. Fish also contain many extractive substances, but it do not have a reputation of such strong stimulant as meat. Nevertheless the amino acids composition of fish proteins provides them with the high biological value and it is not surprising that fish is in the list, adduced in Table 2. Besides that we can't help speaking about that fact that the ability to influence on sexual status was ascribed usually to sea fish. One of the reasons of it is the existence in sea fish polyunsaturated fatty acids, the another reason is that there are a lot of trace elements, increasing sexual drive in sea fish. In animals' organism the same hormones act, as in person's one. There is a conception that in some meat products hormones, increasing sexual drive are saving, (we are speaking about natural animal's hormones, but not about bringing to cattle the hormones to weight gain). Time was when for increasing of male potential chicken giblets even including gonade and sexual glands were used but the matter here was evidently not always in hormones, but in existence side by side with protein of trace elements and vitamins, increasing potential. In the western Europe the erotic dish "Spanish kidneys" were very famous. The bull's testicles roasted were called so. For potential's increasing they took salads from testicles with garlic and vegetable oil. There is the information about the using of testicles of sheep, hares, pigeons in Russia also. It seemed to be that these traditions is the property of history now, but the newspaper "Moscow comsomoler" told its readers in June 1991, that the Moscow meat - plant produced for the members of the former Central Committee of the SPSU tinned testicles of young animals.

Food and especially meat - is a huge stimulus for hormones production in organism including alimentary canal. In the mean - time we have not much information about the role of these hormones in person's sexual status, but it was founded, that vasoactive bowels peptide is one of the stimulants of erection.

As we have already said, the great role in maintaining of sexual status belongs to trace elements. Iron is well assimilated from meat products and protects a person from anemia, and vitamin B12, containing in organic food, favors the blood-making. Sea vertebrates, which often were used in the purposes of influence on sexual status, contain very pleasant for this set of trace elements: arsenic, iodine, zinc, selenium and Perhaps, oysters and sea crustacean, which were used as stimulants of sexual drive, influence on person just supplying his (her) organism with trace elements. Let's remember, that for strength rising and strengthening of potential physicians often prescribe in very little amount combinations of arsenic, and sea products contain just exactly it, and many other trace elements.

The endless argue is going if the stimulant influence of a number of animals (oysters, ect.) on person's sexual drive is a reality or a myth. Estimation of these products from a position of their chemical composition lets estimate their real usefulness, of course, not hyperbolicalizing it. Organic food contains a number of substances which simply can't help influencing on sexual status.

The most important of them are listed in the Table 3.


Table 3

Power of organic food.


- high content of well-assimilated protein with a pleasant for a person amino acid composition;

- considerable content of extractive substances, many of which stimulate the sexual inclination and increase the potential;

- high content of well assimilated iron, which is necessary for organism's tonus;

- existence of vitamin B12, which is necessary for blood-making and which do not present in vegetable food; presence of some other vitamins;

- content, especially in sea products, of trace elements (zinc, arsenic, ect.), which are necessary for forming of the sexual status, sexual inclination, potential.


Just these real qualities of organic food formed its good reputation in strength rising and keeping sexual status up. And side by side with this qualities the all kinds of myths were spreading somewhat like the pleasant influence in sexual wish of the mixture of she-ass's milk and bat's blood.

It would be incorrectly to think that organic food has only qualities and no shortcomings. The most important shortcomings of many organic products are:

- considerable content of fat;

- high content of cholesterol;

- the ability to speed the person's life circle;

- absence or lacking of a number of substances, which are necessary for person's health (food fibres, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C and a number of others).

In one of the following chapters we'll tell you about the influence of organic food on vital resource given each person by nature, but here we'll stay on fat. Its high content in food is precondition to coming to organism excessive calories, to development of obesity and accompanying illnesses (heart diseases, atherosclerosis, diseases of digestive organs, motor system and others). That is why many people are striving to limit themselves in consumption of fat, prefer skim milk, refuse from fatty meat, avoid from taking of products with concealed fat. In some food fat is invisible to consumer, because it is presented in them as emulsion. They are all kinds of sausages, in which in the first glance you can't see fat, but its content may be 20% and more. Some information about fat content in food of organic origin is presented in table 4.

Table 4.

Fat content in some foods


Food Fat, %


Milk, skimmed 0.1

semi-skimmed 1.6

whole 3.9

Sheep's milk 6.0

Soya milk 1.9

Creams, fresh: half 13.3

single 19.1

double 48.0

clotted 63.5

Cheese, Edam 25.4

Drinking yogurt trace

Whole milk yogurt 3.0

Bacon, fat (cooked) 72.8

Ham (canned) 5.1

Beef (cooked) 62.8

Lamb (cooked) 63.4

Pork (cooked) 62.2

Veal fillet (roasted) 11.5

Chicken meat (raw) 4.3

Chicken meat and skin (raw) 17.7

Chicken meat (boiled) 7.3

Duck meat (roasted) 9.7

Goose meat (roasted) 22.4

Meat products:

Beefburgers (fried) 17.3

Frankfurters 25.0

Liver sausage 26.9

Salami 45.2

(Data from McCance and Widdowson's The Composition Of foods, 5-th edition, 1994)

As you can see from the table a person can reduce fats coming, taking advantage of less fatty milk or remove skin from a chicken during its cooking.

We deliberately do not give in the table fish. We do this not because there is little fat in it (there are very fatty fish species), but because fish fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, protecting from illnesses. Fish is the source not only well assimilated protein, but also vitamins A and D, calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese. Research, undertaken in Netherlands showed: mortality from heart disease in this country proved to be lower when population consumed more fish.

Liver, and dishes cooked from it, contains not only a generous amount of cholesterol and fat, but also toxic metal cadmium. This element is accumulated in liver, and while animals' aging its content become higher. Accordingly, physicians do not recommend to include liver to your diet too often.

And one more remark about toxic. Erotic cooking often use the stimulant quantities of fryed dishes, including meat - the scientific explanation of this has been already given. But while frying in food not only useful substances are distracted but also harmful are accumulated. Because of accumulation of them the modern medicine doesn't recommend to eat much fryed food.

Often arguing about reasons of meat consumption and its necessary amount, people apply to nutrition of far ancestors. S.B.Eaton and M.Konner made, it seemed to be, impossible - they found the way to calculate the diet of Neolithic person. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1985, v.312. p.283- 289). In the table 5 you can see the results of their researches.

Table 5.

Diet of Neolithic person


Food substance Daily intake


gr % of energy


Protein 251.1 33

including organic 190.7 26

Fat 71.3 21

including vegetable 29.7 9

Carbohydrates 333.6 45

Food fiber 45.7 -

Calcium 1.58 -

Vitamin C 0.392 -


Energetic value of this diet is 3000 Kcal (taken as 100 %)

Meat 35 %

Vegetable food 65 %

Comparing the data adduced in tables 1 and 5, you can notice that our ancestors took considerably more protein, than it is now recommended by modern medicine, when the fat intake proved to be temperate enough and it confirmed to modern conceptions. Can we consider the diet of Neolithic person as healthy nutrition? To the opinion of Rousseau, the wishes of wild person do not exceed his (her) physical necessity, the only goods that he knows are food, female and calm. From this positions the diet adduced in the table was perhaps adequate for ancient person, life duration of whom was very little and he had to leave sufficient in number posterity for generation continuation. According to research of B.Urlanice, published in book "Evolution of Life Duration" (Moscow, 1978), the main mass of Neolithic people lived only 26 years. In such conditions the diet, promoting the quick sexual maturation, was very important for generations prolongation, and nature simply didn't care about the longevity of our ancestors.

Modern person has quite different goals, he can't be suited both with 26 years longevity or even 50-60 years of life, in which Ancient Greeks were honored as aged men. Accordingly, the nutrition of a modern person must be different.

For the first glance such low fat content in Neolithic person surprises, but he ate meat of wild animals, that didn't contain much fat. Ancient person haven't learnt yet the cattle-breeding and how to use milk, but some scientists think he wasn't suffering from calcium lack, because he could crack and eat little bones.

In spite of meat intake, 65 % of ancient person diet was vegetable food. About qualities of this food we'll tell you in the next chapter.

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